Click Here to View a Briefing on San Joaquin County Poll Results

In February, San Joaquin A+ commissioned a survey of more than 500 residents. Our goal was to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our local economies and education systems, and to also take residents’ pulse on larger, structural challenges facing our communities. The poll results are included here. We hope you’ll take some time to review them when you’re able. 

Our survey found that overwhelmingly, voters are not happy with the status quo in education and favor big change; and we believe this is also a moment where big change is possible.

The American Rescue Act presents a once in a generation opportunity for schools in the San Joaquin Valley. Over the last year, nearly $500 million in federal dollars will have arrived in the accounts of Stockton area school districts – funding that can be used not only to recover from the pandemic, but to reimagine education in our region for years to come. Our elected leaders, civic leaders, and educators must rise to the challenge to make sure we capitalize on this moment. 

In the coming weeks and months, San Joaquin A+ will be working to convene stakeholders across communities and industries with the goal of providing school districts and elected leaders with as much input as possible. I hope you will join us in this effort. 

Thanks very much for your advocacy and support.