How to Get Involved

With ‘better together’ as a guiding principle – we are identifying ways for local partners to get involved. We believe there are opportunities to partner if you are:

A school or district, and: 

  • You are interested in work-based learning opportunities for your students in the form of internships or other ‘learning through work’ types of experiences.
  • You want to infuse hireability and/or soft skills into your curriculum and/or bring guest speakers and employers to your schools.
  • You are looking to improve or reimagine current Early Career/College High School (ECCHS) Pathways, or initiate new ECCHS pathways.
  • You are doing some or all of these things, and want a collaborator or grant to pilot a more fully integrated education program that prepares students for both career and college.

An employer, and: 

  • You are interested in taking on interns or offering other types of ‘learning through work’ experiences at your organization.
  • You would like to support key program components, such as career fairs, guest speakers, field trips, job shadowing, and mentoring.
  • You are interested in piloting more robust programs and sponsor paid work experiences, like apprenticeships or on-the-job training.

A student, and:

  • You are interested in kick-starting your career path in high school or participating in aninternship program in San Joaquin County.
  • You would like to secure industry-recognized qualifications and soft skills that are in demand in today’s competitive job market.