The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) has approved a grant award of $4.6 million to San Joaquin A+ for a pilot program of the Child Savings Account Grant Program. In partnership with the Stockton Children’s cabinet, early childhood education providers, and Stockton area school districts, San Joaquin A+ will utilize the $4.6 million CSAC grant to create a program serving all 3- and 4-year olds enrolled in income-based, high-quality early childhood programs, such as Head Start (upwards of 4,000 students). With a $750 deposit into a 529 ScholarShare account, these funds will reach a projected value of approximately $1,800 upon high school graduation, and up to $2,275 if families maximize other available incentives, for children to put toward their post-secondary education.


Please click the image above to watch the 2/5 webinar about CSAs!

Research shows an investment like this in our children will: Provide financial support to overcome barriers to postsecondary attainment; incentivize enrollment in and demonstrate demand for high quality preschool; and make a long-term impact on economic mobility, social-emotional health, and educational attainment.

On Friday February 5th a panel of community leaders gathered to share more detail about the promise and implementation of this program, and how to make sure children and families can partner and gain access.

To learn more view a press release about the program here, and a letter sent by civic leaders in San Joaquin County in support of the program here.