University of Pacific Report Available Here

San Joaquin A+ Summary Brief Available Here

On Tuesday, December 15th San Joaquin A+ held the first in a series of panels. For this panel, we convened experts and local industry leaders to discuss findings from a new report by researchers at the University of the Pacific titled – Middle-Skill Jobs Analysis: Building Ladders to the Future in Stockton, California – and determine what we can do to build ladders to good jobs: not only to create better and more meaningful careers for San Joaquin County residents, but to create a brighter future for our region. Background information about the panel includes:

FACILITATED BY: Don Shalvey, CEO of San Joaquin A+


  • Jeff Michael, Executive Director, Center for Business and Policy Research
  • Thomas Pogue,  Assistant Director, Center for Business and Policy Research
  • Jessica Kaczmarek, Senior Program Officer, James Irvine Foundation
  • Don Wiley, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Kevin Phillips, Vice President of Operations, Phillips Farms and Michael David Winery
  • Jeff Manassero, Co-founder and Executive Director, Rivet School


The new report by researchers at the University of the Pacific paints a troubling picture of economic trends in Stockton. It finds that wages are plummeting, job growth is clustered in low-paying jobs, and Stockton’s economy is becoming less and less competitive compared to its neighbors. To remedy this, it recommends that the community develop new learning and training pipelines in partnership with local schools, and expand apprenticeship programs by engaging local employers and unions. It also highlights certain job fields that are ripe with opportunity, like the healthcare and education sectors. 

Tune in to learn what our panel of community leaders and experts have to say about potential ways to turn the tide on these troubling trends, and read more in our summary brief of the UoP report.