Survey Shows Residents Want Transparent, Accountable Process for Federal Rescue Dollars; Priorities Include Overhauling Region’s High Schools, Tutoring Support for All Children, and Mental Health Counseling 

With a historic amount of money coming from the federal government in the American Rescue Plan (ARP), school districts have a once in a generation opportunity. If used effectively, this funding will not only help Districts recover from the setbacks of the pandemic, but will also allow them to make investments that better position their schools to effectively serve students well into the future.

In support of this opportunity, San Joaquin A+ surveyed over 500 residents of San Joaquin county, asking them what their biggest concerns are and what they believe the academic priorities should be moving forward for their children. A+ hosted a conversation about these survey results you can view below.

What emerges is a clear picture from parents and voters: they are worried their children have fallen behind and need targeted supports like 1-on-1 academic tutoring to catch up and mental and emotional health services. And beyond these immediate concerns, those surveyed want more engagement with the community about how to spend this historic amount of money, and have a real interest in  innovations that create clearer pathways from school to the workforce.

We hope you will join us and other partners in San Joaquin County in encouraging our school districts to engage with their communities around the use of these dollars, to spend them in measurable and transparent ways, and most of all to be bold in identifying solutions that will drastically improve student learning.