We’d be crazy if we didn’t get creative… What can we do to support our students?


Here at San Joaquin A+, we’ve spent the last year studying data and surveying local families about the best way to support students coming out of the pandemic, and we have compiled what we’ve learned into a few places. These include a:

  1. Policy Brief (click here) and accompanying
  2. Presentation (click here) that we used to guide a recent panel discussion.

The brief is a compilation of the most recent data available for education outcomes across San Joaquin County and in the Stockton Unified School District, as a way to set a baseline for student learning progress coming out of the pandemic; and shares a short list of creative recommendations based off of a year of surveys and engagement conducted by SJA+ that we believe will help to spur improvements in student learning.

The data shows that before the pandemic, SJ County and SUSD lagged behind the State average in both math and reading, with 30% of SUSD students proficient in reading, and 21% proficient in Math.  Interim assessment data shared this fall though further shows the challenge our schools have ahead to get student learning back on track, with just 6.5% of students on grade level in the District in Math, and 14% on grade level in reading in Stockton schools.

In a recent interview SUSD Superintendent John Ramirez Jr. noted “for decades, SUSD has been underachieving, therefore SUSD needs to make significant improvement so our students can be college, career, and community ready.”  We wholeheartedly agree with this priority, and it is because of this shared goal that we are holding conversations about this topic, and publishing this policy brief – to focus our community on what matters most: student learning and life outcomes for our young people.