BETTER TOGETHER: San Joaquin County Employers Are Willing and Ready to Work with Schools to Prepare Students for Careers

Over six months of surveying and engagement with local employers, we’ve learned some key lessons about how school districts and employers can collaborate – and ultimately – serve students better together.

Specifically, employers are telling us that We Can Bring Work-Based Learning Experiences to Students Now with the Right Collaboration and Preparation.


A few of the other key things we learned from employers include:

  1. 100% of employers surveyed believe it is very important for schools to offer opportunities for students to explore careers through internships or paid work opportunities.
  2. 81% of employers surveyed ranked “cultivating a pipeline of talent” as the most valuable aspect of a career-connected learning program, with giving back to the community coming in second.
  3. 75% of survey respondents are very interested in employing a paid intern/apprentice through this program right now.
  4. There was significant variation in the time of year, time commitments, and roles that employers from different industries indicated they would like to make available to interns.
  5. When asked what hire-ability skills are most important for youth interning with their companies, employers highlighted professional attitude to “take responsibility for their actions” as most important, and time management to “arrive on time and rarely be absent without cause” as the top two areas of priority.