How Do We Expand Safe and High Quality PreK to Benefit All Children and Families in CA?

On March 24, 2022 San Joaquin A+ facilitated a conversation on the future of PreK and childcare in CA.

We’ve talked a lot about the challenges for K-12 education systems throughout the pandemic, but one of the greatest areas of change, opportunity, and challenge are in the early childhood and PreK space.

Throughout the pandemic, childcare of young children has been and remains a challenge for parents in our county and across the State. At the same time, and in response to this challenge, California has identified funding to expand PreK for all children. And while this sounds good, with staffing shortages already plaguing this industry, and significant uncertainty about how to scale and expand the most effective early learning models, many questions remain. We have invited a group of panelists with expertise in programming, training, and governance of our PreK schools and systems, and are going to ask them the hard questions about how to make sure that we expand early learning opportunities with quality, and actually help solve some of the problems parents of young children have faced during the pandemic.

The panel included: 

> Troy Brown, County Superintendent, San Joaquin County Office of Education

> Connor Sloan, San Joaquin County Office of Education

> Cassie Lowe, Program Director, Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)

> Angela Beyer, Professor of Early Childhood Education, San Joaquin Delta College


For more background, see the powerpoint presentation here. You may also enjoy this article: How California’s new universal transitional kindergarten program will be rolled out