San Joaquin A+ hosted a group of local leaders and national experts to discuss the national teacher shortage, and what we can do to recruit and retain great educators in our region

On Thursday, November 18th, local non-profit organization San Joaquin A+ (SJA+) hosted a webinar in the organization’s speaker series titled: Where have all the teachers gone? And why are we so optimistic that we can attract, recruit, develop, and maintain the teacher force we need in San Joaquin County?

The discussion focused on the current state of teachers and teacher preparation in our country, with a focus on how we can attract, recruit, develop, and maintain the teachers we need for our school systems in San Joaquin County.

You can see the presentation here and webinar recording here: 


Panelists provided the latest information on teacher shortages, how other parts of the state and country are helping solve this problem, existing opportunities for prospective teachers, and why they should consider teaching in San Joaquin County.  This lively 45-minute panel discussion featured:


  • Bob Wise, former Gov. of West Virginia
  • Ryan Borden, Senior Program Officer at Gates Foundation 
  • Pharobee Kersey, First Year 2nd grade Teacher at Vincent Shalvey Academy
  • Harry Black, Stockton City Manager

You can also view clips and excerpts from the webinar on our facebook page.