Parish Administrator & Youth Minister[1]

Gabriel Casillas is a Stockton native and husband[2] who works as a parish administrator and youth minister at St. Bernadette’s Church.[3] In addition to his work with the Church, Casillas is active in Stockton charities and is a firm believer in serving others with zeal and compassion.

Casillas says he is running to represent Trustee Area 4 because he believes the school board is divided and must reunify, work together, and place student needs first. He also believes that Stockton must do more to prepare and protect youth from the many challenges and negative influences of our current society.

He believes public educational institutions are the cornerstones of society and have the ability to truly mold the future of communities.[4] Additional priorities that Casillas has identified include:

  • Addressing obstacles students face outside the classroom — including broken home environments, lack of basic resources, mental health issues, and influences that can lead to criminal behavior.
  • Thinking beyond the academic — to prepare students to be ethical, free thinking, happy, and healthy individuals.
  • Leaving no students behind — by providing outlets and resources to help all students who are struggling, and by not labeling students “troubled” or “bad.”
  • Going beyond college preparation — and preparing students to be successful in all aspects of life.



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