This year, on November 3rd, there is a very consequential election for our children.

At San Joaquin A+, one of our primary goals is to inform our community about issues that impact the education of our youth.  Many are aware of the Presidential contenders at the top of the ticket, and are also likely aware of the local race for Mayor.  Just as important as these offices though, are the races for school board in Stockton and surrounding school districts.  We encourage you not only to vote, but to educate yourself on these races and to vote all the way down your ballot for these important local offices.

Watch the video below to learn the best ways to vote during this unique year. To find a voter service center click here. If you have already voted, you can track your ballot here.

This video is also available in Spanish

Below, we are sharing  information about school board candidates in the Stockton Unified School District. We will update this site with information about more school board member candidates across San Joaquin County in coming weeks.





Where profiles are not linked, it is because no public information about the candidates could be found.

San Joaquin A+ is nonpartisan and non-political 501(c)(3) organization that does not endorse or oppose any candidate for elected office or any political party.  The information on this page represents our effort to compile equal publicly available information for each candidate, but some candidates have more information available than others.  This information is provided for informational and  educational purposes only and does not contain or reflect any opinion of San Joaquin A+